What are the Opening Hours?

  • Monday to Friday 9.30am with the last appointment starting at 4.00pm with the exception of Wednesdays when we are closed. We are open Saturdays by appointment only.

Can I Cancel an Appointment?

  • We understand things sometimes need to change quickly and you may need to postpone or cancel your appointment. It would be appreciated if you could give as much notice as possible so that someone else can benefit from the time you've made available.

How Long Will My Appointment Go For?

  • Your Smooth Massage will start and finish on time. Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time so we can discuss your health and determine what needs to be done. This way you are guaranteed to receive the length of appointment you've requested.

Will I be Appropriately Covered During My Massage?

  • Yes. At all times we use towels to cover you and your privacy will be respected completely throughout. Only that part of your body receiving treatment at the time will be uncovered.

What Should I Expect?

  • If it's the first time you've ever had a massage please let us know and the whole procedure will be explained to you. Even if you're a regular recipient of massage you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and feel very relaxed afterwards.

What If The Pressure Is Too much or Not Enough?

  • Please let us know if you feel uncomfortable with the pressure of the massage. We will check with you during the massage to ensure the pressure is firm enough so you are happy with the massage you receive.

How Often Should I Have a Massage?

  • Ideally we would all have a massage once a week, but realistically it depends on your situation. For an acute injury initial treatments may need to be once or twice a week which would extend to fortnightly as you recovered. For those of you who are not carrying an injury but are feeling the stresses of daily life then a massage every 3 to 4 weeks would be ideal.

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